One per day.One per week.One per year.

During all the activities we are doing in our project, in one of the first evaluation meetings we got the task “ONE PER DAY”, witch means we had to do something for 30 days every day and that should describe our day. Either taking pictures, writing  down quotes, collecting things or drawing, we needed to challenge our selves to not forget about the task and do it every day.

So i decided to draw. I call my project ” 30×30 NOTHING”. Why nothing? At the beginning i thought that it would be cool, because i heard about a lot of artists doing this, that they draw one picture per day for whole year. Well, I admire their patience, because i was too lazy, to that every day. That is  why my project ended like something of nothing or nothing of something.

This was first drawing i made. That was 8th of October and it was first time, when we, volunteers, took some several  bus stops before our stop and had a little walk. Some strange man started to talk with us, that the moon is in the stage, when you can wish something and it will happen. Or maybe he sad something else, I am not sure, because that time my Russian language skills was just at the beginning.

But most of the days in my project where like this:

But some of the days I was not so lazy. Click on the pictures and read description to understand, why exactly  i draw  those things you can see in them.

And the one, witch others liked the most. I just had a picture with empty trolley and i decided that it is no true. There are no empty trolleys or buses in Donetsk. They are always full. And i corrected this picture with my super-cool PAINT skills!

I think one day i will try to do again “One per day” drawing, because it is interesting after that to look back and see if there is any changes. But lets be truth – i don’t think i can do that, although my drawings will never also be just one per year. One per inspiration.


With love,