Let’s play!

Although the prcursor of games evenings is back in Turkey, our team decided to continue the tradition of meeting every Monday evening in the Debate Centre office to play. Because we are not able to do this in the same way like Orhan did, Magda and me propose to play intellectual and board games.

A lot of people came to our meeting so we were able to divide ourselves into two teams. Firs one was playing a game called “Collector”, the other one was playing “Journey Through Europe”.

“Collector” is a game similar to “Monopoly”, but in this case you are buying paintings of famous painters like Da Vinci, Velazquez, Renoir or Picasso. You can even buy insurance against theft!

“Journey Through Europe” is about what I like most: travelling! Your task is to do your own “Eurotrip”, visiting 8 cities across the Europe that you have on your cards.

The last game that night was an untitled game with very simple rules, but very amusing. Short piece of having fun you can find here:

Oksana rules, isn’t she?

Here you have some photos of our players:

Although we didn’t play with our friends, we had a great time and we hope to repeat it every Monday.