Unforgettable trip to Kiev

After the 5-day on-arrival training In Odessa, Ola and me decided to stay one more day in this city. At the last day of training afternoon with our volunteer-friends from Lvov we were exploring this city – full of amazing smaller and bigger streets and yards. But the most unexpected thing in Odessa was the street named Kaczynski, who was Polish president. Of course during this day and the next we visited Potemkin Stairs, Passenger Terminal and Sailor’s wife monument, Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater and of course my favorite writer’s monument – A. Pushkin.

On Monday evening we took a train to Ukrainian capital – Kiev, and after 8 hours we were in the best city in Ukraine. Now I can say it is the best place in Ukraine, which I was in (of course excluding Donetsk). We spent almost four days exploring Kiev and it was not too much.

What is the best in Kiev? Difficult to say, but it is big, crowded, everyone is in hurry – almost only we had time to appreciate the beauty of the city. Simply you can feel big city life here. We were surprised it is almost impossible to hear Ukrainian language on the streets – everywhere is spoken Russian, what I like because for me it is better to communicate in Russian. And for Ola it doesn’t matter – she more or less understands both of the languages, but doesn’t speak any of them.

First thing we did in Kiev was to buy a city map and find our hostel – amazing place with amazing, interesting, crazy people. First question was: are you from Katowice? No, I am from Gdansk. Everything because I said I love Donetsk and Katowice is also industrial city, but in Poland and I have never been there. After such an answer they were really surprised I can love my city – Donetsk. Of course because of place where we live in Ukraine they suggested us to visit industrial district of Kiev, what we did. But it is not the same what Donetsk, there is no mines, spoil tips and so on… .

We started exploring the city from Khreschatyk Street and Independence Square but on our way we of course we met monument of Lenin, so we felt like in Donetsk. All day we were visiting Orthodox churches, the most beautiful for us was St. Vladimir’s. Because of these churches on every corner we love this city. It is almost impossible to visit all of them during a few days. Because Ola is a football fan we visited also Olympic Stadium and Dynamo Stadium. Firstly, we thought Olympic Stadium is really small but it was impression because of location between buildings.

Place, which impressed us was not Kiev Pechersk Lavra at all but caves, where is mystic atmosphere, smell of candles… . I felt like in other world. After this fantastic experience we met on our way Glory Square and then my favorite building in Kiev – house with chimaeras. I fell in love with this unique architectural style and I really regret it is impossible to get in.

One day we decided to leave Kiev and go to Chernihiv – my Russian teacher family home. We spent all they walking and visiting orthodox churches and of course taking photos of many monuments. Of course we have also photo on Red Square.

The last evening we were on Gogol Bordello concert. Show was fantastic, a lot of energy. I was really impressed. They prepared Vysotsky interpretations, which were original and special. Next day full of energy after the concert we met Piotrek and our Donetsk friend Kristina and together visited one more time Andriyivskyy Descent. Unfortunately, it is under construction but still I think it is the most beautiful descent in Kiev. And finally One Street Museum. I wish to spend more time in it and feel the atmosphere of this street, people who lived there. After that we took the train and come back home – DONETSK.