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I’m Katarzyna from Wolin island in Poland. I used to work as a volunteer in Poland when i was in secondary school. I had to stop for a while during my time at university, as it was too difficult to combine it while studying full-time. However, i started to miss it a lot, do i decided to get back to it. Why EVS abroad? If it’s a chance to gain new experiences, skills and meet lots of interesting people, then why not? Why Intergenerations Project? I read a lot about different voluntary projects. However, only this one seemed to be interesting enough to became a part of it.


OlaI’m Aleksandra from Warsaw. I fell in love with Ukraine during my first visit in the country. The fascination was growing so that’s why i decided to study Ukrainian Philology on University of Warsaw in Poland- now i’m on my master degree. I decided to take a part in project Intergenerations because i think that meeting people from all over the world is one of the most amazing things in life. During the project i would like to gain more experience in translations in Polish, English and Ukrainian and discover something new about myself.


I’m Marta from Szczecin in Poland. There’s many reasons why i chose EVS, but the main are: i like to travel, meet people and learn in non-formal way. Besides i took a part in short-term EVS project in Bulgaria in 2011 and i wanted to experience EVS project once again. I wanted to take a part in Intergenerations Project  because i studied Culture Studies and wanted to gain more knowledge about inside and outside work of cultural organisations.


My name is Donatas, I am 24 years old Lithuanian, who came to challenge himself in Ukraine. I like change my surroundings from time to time, that was the reason why I decide to do EVS.Now I am the part of EVS project named Intergeneration Dialogue Part II. I am very happy about the stuff that I am doing here, hopefully i will gain a lot of different kind of useful experience.



Im David, Spanish guy from Valdemoro (South Madrid suburbs). I came to Ukraine because I like Slavic culture and History, also because I already got very nice experiences in East Europe that should be continued.

Now Im in the frame of Intergeneration Proyect, working with local eldery and youngsters and I hope going on until June 2014, maybe more…


I am Maggie and from Austria. I came to Donetsk to teach children English and German and of course to experience the culture and get to know new people. I love to stroll around in the city and discover new places (especially when it comes to Second Hand Stores). Also sitting in one of the many parks and enjoying a good book and a cold Coca Cola light (no.no. no commercial) is something that I love doing during my EVS.


Hello, my name is Katharina and I am from Berlin, one of the best city in Germany. After passing my legal studies in Dresden, Paris and Potsdam and after passing my second state law examination in November 2012, I decided to come to Ukraine: a country which everyone loves who has already been here. Now I am in Donetsk to work for the Donetsk Youth Debate Center as a volunteer of the European Volunteer Service. The aim of the project is to bring differents generations together. Beside that my personal aim is to learn russian and to know ukrainian culture and peoples. And until know I am positively surprised about Donetsk and its lovely peoples!


 My name is Aija Upleja and I come from Latvia. I am in Donetsk from January and I will stay here half a year. I enjoy possibility to explore different culture and traditions, meet new peoples and get friends. I work as a volunteer in the project about generation dialog. So I’m going to the schools, youth centers and places where is elder people.

My name is Kristina. I am from beautiful small country called Lithuania. I decided to take part in EVS project because I care about the fate of disadvantaged and want to help them. I want to contribute to change the world. In the other hand, volunteering helps adults to grow as a person, so I want to challenge myself, give sense to my time, to learn about other culture. So I am in Donetsk to work with different generation: children, youth and elder people. The main task is to find ways of dialogue between this three generations. With other volunteers we gonna organize activities in schools, youth clubs and other places of culture. “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi
I’m happy in Donetsk. I like living here, I have the pleasure of working with angels/monsters and every day after work I come home to a loving family of EVSers. When I’m not conducting pedagogical experiments on children, you find me preparing for a soon-to-explode-from-secrecy music career either with my girlfrie…I mean guitar, or  by practicing my vocals at the local hockey games.
Hi! My name is Wojtek. I’m from south-western region of Poland, called Silesia. I’m here in Donetsk since October 2012 and I am planning to stay until the end of September 2013. I am here to work on a project concerning intergenerational dialogue. To encourage older and younger generation to cooperate, I am implementing an idea of collecting stories from all over the region. Stories about everyday life, habits, celebrations, dreams. I strongly believe that this would help young people of Donetsk region to understand the history and respect it as well it will help older generations to feel honored.

Kamil Hi! My name is Kamil and I come from Wroclaw, Poland. The main objective of my project is to organise workshops and pastime activities for both children and their parents or grandparents. By sharing my knowledge and international experience I try to evoke people’s curiousity and interest in different cultures, traditions and languages and help them develop their passions. During the one year period of my stay I hope to find a lot of new friendships, information and simply something new and inspiring.


My name is Fabien and I am in Donetsk to be a volunteer. I work in various schools to promote Human Rights and everything that goes along with it. I also teach French and English to children of different ages and I really enjoy that too.  I am the volunteer who has been here the longest, so all the newbies come to me for advice and I help a lot of them settle in.  Actually Maggie wrote all of this but it’s true since I only sent here a very very shot description and it screwed up the format, so sorry for that.
I am also the creator of the most amazing Blog, which you can actually find here. So drop by my blog if you have the time.. It’s definitely worth it.
Thanks to Maggie, she is awesome.


I’m Piotrek and I’m also from Poland. One of my aims is to learn Russian. To do this, I will read fairy tales in Russian to children in kinder garden. I will also conduct workshops/lessons in the schools, concerned on the topic of culture, focusing on the local roots, traditions, history. And, what is quite important for me personally, I would like to learn young people how to… ride a horse!


Hello! My name is Vytautas and I’m from Lithuania. European awareness, the role of media in todays world, the principles of journalism and analysis of mechanisms of media are the main topics of the project. Young people who will take part into activities of Young Journalists Club will have a chance to know more about work of journalists, also to discuss local and European-related issues during activities.


My name is Magda, I’m from Poland. I came to Donetsk to work with children in schools. My aim is to share my knowledge and experience with them. I love good books, jazz music and buying shoes.

Ola (a.k.a Sasha)

Hi, I’m Ola. Ok, in Poland I’m Ola, but here I’m Sasha. It’s a little bit complicated. I came here to promote anti-racism and tolerance before Euro 2012 and to raise the level of knowledge about European countries among youngsters of Donetsk. To obtain these goals, I am going to use non-formal ways of learning, like games, practical workshops, debates or quizes. I love marshrutkas, football, rock music and my cat.


Hi, my name is Dawid. I come from Krakow in Poland. I’m working with kids in age from 4 to 12. I offer them sport activities, but not in the common meaning. I’m trying to encourage them into cooperation by conducting fun games to them.  Aim of that activity is to improve health through the movement, fun and sport exercises, to promote the healthy lifestyle for children.

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