Promotion of Youth in Action programme

Last week was full of challenges for everybody: Youth Debate Center office is changing the address, so we all had to pack everything in the special boxes delivered by Oksana. We were so tired after work but there’s still¬† a bit more things waiting to be packed! Besides, during last week Kasia, Marta, Lena and Maksym made a route around local universities to promote Youth in Action programme. We were presenting Youth Debate Centre as a volunteering organisation, which can be a sending organisation for people who want to take a part in a long-term EVS and also an organisation which is sending people on short trainings located in many countries of European Union, dedicated to specific topics, like for example: human rights or ecology.

Lena speaking about her EVS in Poland

At the beginning we were a bit stressed,in the end not for everyday volunteers have to practise their public speech skills! But after every presentation we got better and braver. Lena and Maksym were introducing  the whole idea of non-formal education which is one of the most important goals in Youth in Action programme, so they talked about travelling almost for free, chances for individual and group development like increasing the knowlegde of foreing languages, team-work,  discovering new fields of interests. Each of them told to the audience their own experience with Youth in Action programme: Lena told about her EVS in Gdynia (Poland) and Maksym about his training in Georgia. Kasia and Marta were talking about their current EVS experience, so: how they found the advertisement about free vacancies on EVS in internet, how the whole process of recruitment looks like, what the hosting organisation is delivering to volunteers and so on. We showed to the audience so many photos from our EVS and trainings!

People looked interested during our presentation, they were taking the leaflets and asking questions so probably Youth Debate Centre can expect soon some new volunteers ready to go abroad!

~ Marta



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