Drowning of ‘Marzanna’ puppet

After last Saturday workshop “Marzanna” doll was ready to drown! This Saturday we’ve met in front of YDC office and we went together for a final walk with our Marzanna. We found the perfect place to drown puppet nearby the office, but first we had to get there, so we made a little procession- people were starring at us while we were carrying her!


we burned only half of her face


When we were there, discussion started, if we should burn Marzanna or not. We decided to try … but at the end it didn’t work too much!



The puppet didn’t want to burn (the winter was not giving up!) so we had to drown it. We chose one brave men to throw her into water..


Marzanna in the water! Goodbye winter, don’t come back









When Marzanna was finally in the water we said all together magic words, like “Marzanna, Marzanna, swim across the seas”, “Goodbye winter, don’t come back!” It was getting dark but we stayed for a moment more to see what was going to happen with Marzanna.


Later we gathered into a circle and played some name-games, to get to know each other a bit better. Each of us shared also plans for the spring and summer, for example what we would like to achieve, what we want to do during warm part of the year etc. and at the end of the meeting everybody got chocolade bars yuum!

Group photos:

say “Marzanna”!

IMG_0584 (1024x683)

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