After Polish evening with surprises- so what do we know now about Poland and new Polish volunteers?

As you know, Youth Debate Center is hosting now three new volunteers from Poland. Girls came to Donetsk on 9th of January to take a part in EVS long-term project “Intergeneration Dialogue” part 2. During first week of their staying here they were participating in trainings, which took place in Youth Debate Center office but also they took a part in some out-door actions, for example, they visited “Raduga” center to see how the rest of volunteers is working there.

greeting with bread and salt

greeting with bread and salt

Last Saturday in Youth Debate Center girls prepared presentation which was divided into two parts- first contained some basic information about Poland, for example we got some informations about Polish flag, in which white colour is the symbol of pure heart and red colour is the symbol od courage. Later they shared with us Polish and also Ukrainian ‘welcome’ tradition: sharing bread and dipping it into the bowl with salt.

Besides girls introduced themselves and here comes the shortcut of that:

Katarzyna: she’s living on Wolin Island, she’s 23 years old, you can call her Kashka, she loves to make photographies and she’s against using photoshop. She likes to be active and she loves listening to music, especially she’s into metal and rock. She finished Russian Philology on University of Szczecin.

Klaudia: she’s living in Ko?obrzeg by the sea side. she’s 22 years old, she likes to talk with people and give them advices. She has a small family, parents and one brother. She loves animals and has a dog called “Jacket”. She finished Russian Philology on University of Szczecin.

Marta: she’s living in Szczecin- the capital of region, finished Culture Studies in her home town. She’s 22 years old. She likes creative writing and drawing, horror movies and american tv shows. She has big family: parents, twin sister, two brothers and also a dog called ‘Pimpek’. Besides she loves sweets.

The second part of girls’ presentation could be called “don’t take it seriously” section; they prepared some funny ‘tongue breakers’- sentences which contain mix of letters, which even native Polish speaker is not able to say properly sometimes. Later they showed us some stereotypes about Polish people, but from their sight of view. At the end of presentation there was waiting a challenge for everybody- mini quiz about Poland! The participants had to answer 10 questions and draw their behaving after drinking Polish vodka. The happy winner will be invited for a dinner with Polish dishes made by girls!

Take a look at some photos made during presentation!


all the participants

all the participants

DSC_3313 (640x428)

participants part 1

DSC_3314 (640x428)

participants part 2












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