HistoryFromEveryone – History seen from several points of view

historyfromeveryoneThe Website/Blog/Place-on-the-Internet-with-some-interesting-words-written-on-it HistoryFromEveryone is “officially open” for whoever wants to visit.

HistoryFromEveryone is a project of our Portuguese volunteer which is trying to relate written history and oral histories in one place. The website is written both in English and in Portuguese.

At this moment, the website only has two posts, both relating to the same topic, about the History of University Life of the city of Porto, Portugal. Two more posts are on their way. One related to life in Soviet Union by the eyes of two generations (a grandmother and a grandson) and another about the Nagorno-Karabakh War between Azerbaijan and Armenia, that took place after the fall of Soviet Union, through the eyes of a person of Armenian descent who lived the conflict during her child years. Posts about life in United States of America in the 1970s and about the life of a prisioner in Poland during the Second World War might follow as well.

The link of the website is (at least, for now) http://historyfromeveryone.wordpress.com.


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