Meet our new Polish volunteer!

Polish team of volunteers is now full-  Aleksandra (called also Sasha) came to Donetsk on 28th of January to join the long-term project “Intergeneration Dialogue” part 2. During first week of her staying, she participated in trainings, which took a place in office of Youth Debate Centre, she also met most of the volunteers who are working now in our organization. Last Friday other Polish volunteers invited Sasha for a long walk in the city center, so now she knows some more about Donetsk!

Here goes the shortcut of informations about Sasha:

She fell in love with UkrainOlae, just after her first visit in the country. The fascination of Ukrainian culture was growing, that is why she decided to start studying Ukrainian philology on the University of Warsaw. And now she’s working on her master degree. Besides her fascination about easter Europe countries Ola has many other interests: she loves sunny weather, travelling wide and far, theater and poetry. She likes also rock climbing. Aleksandra is an optimist, who tries to see bright sides of every situation. She likes to be surrounded by open-minded people, who like to laugh a lot and keep a healthy distance in a life. Besides she wouldn’t like to live without sweets and  Polish sour cream 30%. Aleksandra decided to take a part in project, because she thinks that getting to know people from all over the world is one of the most amazing things in life. During the projects she wants to gain an experience in translations, learn languages and discover something new about herself. Besides she sees the Ukraine as the country of contrast and that’s why she loves it in here!

We invite everyone to meet Sasha personally during all the activities organized in Youth Debate Centre!



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