Origami street action

After our previous and successful street actions delivering origami (hearts on14th of February and tulips on 8th of March), last 6th of June some of our volunteers did it again with paper elephants from all over Бульвар Пушкина on the way to Крытый Рынок. It was for a good reason: Children’s Day. This day is celebrated every 1st of June in Ukraine, and it began in 1954 as a way of drawing attention and promoting welfare of the world’s children.

Origami was not such important as the reason why we decided to remind people about this day. We think that Children’s Day is important because most of us work with kids or teenagers at school, and we see that in some of them, conditions are not good enough to provide students with a nice environment to study and develop their skills. Qualified education is non-negotiable when dealing with breaking stereotypes, developing critical thinking and letting people decide for themselves; and to us these three things are absolutely essential.

Streets were not so much crowded because it was hot outside, but still we could find some people from Donetsk enjoying spring weather, walking or having a drink to refresh. Some of the pedestrians accepted this symbolic present, some of them were quite surprised of being “hounded” by our volunteers when the only thing they were doing (for God’s sake) was walking! But anyway very few of them refused the origami, and we achieved our goal: attract people’s attention for a good cause. We also chose elephants because in Asian culture it symbolizes happiness, longevity and good luck – what we also wanted to wish to the 66 lucky people that got one of our origami last 6th June.

 By delivering these elephants we also wanted to make people aware of the possibility to spend time with our international volunteers as well as local people who collaborate with us; which means a great chance to be in contact with other ways of living and thinking within a non-formal education environment.

Bye for now.

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